ID: 6.64mm AR-5.580 wire:1.19mm 18SWG BRA

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Inner diameter: 6,64mm ~ in between 33/128" + 17/64"

Aspect ratio: 5.580

~131 Rings per Ounce

Alloy used: CuZn37 (63% Copper, 37% Zinc)

Trace amount of lead is below 0,01%

Cut with a 0,20mm (0,008") sawblade. All rings are washed and tumbled.

With copper as its base constituent, brass is among the most durable metals around. It can last for thousands of years if properly stored and maintained. Brass develops a layer of greenish material on its surface. This layer, called patina, acts as a shield that protects the brass inside from corroding.


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